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Sometimes it’s Quiet…soul mixology

Sometimes it’s Quiet…

  Have you ever felt like your spiritual connection has zero bars? This isn’t uncommon. The periods of times when meditations are unfocused, prayers seem empty, and all the spiritual progress we’ve made seems lost are known as spiritual deserts, wilderness...
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This Little Light of Mine

“This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine” has been bouncing through my memory for the last few weeks. It’s the start of a song I learned in Sunday school and the simple message has stuck with me throughout the years. While thinking about this song, I...
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What would you do with a Get Out of Jail Free Card?

Do you remember the “Get Out of Jail Free” card in Monopoly? The card I remember had an image of a man with wings on his feet flying free from a birdcage. While reminiscing about this card I wondered, what would I do if I had a “get out of jail free” card in my life?...
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New-beginning-Tarot Reading

New Beginnings

Life is full of surprises, disappointments, endings, and beginnings. I’ve had my fair share of each one and know how hard it can be to quiet the old voices of fear and doubt when faced with decisions about life and which path might be the best choice for change. In...
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doTERRA AromaTouch Massage Blend Soul Mixology Banner

AromaTouch Massage Blend

My relationship with AROMATOUCH MASSAGE BLEND by doTERRA I'll be honest AROMATOUCH Massage Blend is an oil that I currently have a reluctance/aversion to. But I've learned from working with doTERRA oils that when reluctance or aversion to an oil shows up it usually...
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Are you Perfect?

A question on one of my exams asked Are you perfect? I'm sharing my response because I think perfection is a lie that many of us have believed and our self-worth has suffered because of it. I hope my answer gives you a chance to believe a different truth and that...
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juniper berry soul mixology

Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Allow me to introduce you to Juniper Berry aka Juniperus communis. Juniper berry is extracted from the berries of the coniferous Juniper tree, once known as "the medicine tree" by early Native Americans. How I use Juniper Berry Essential Oil Multipurpose household...
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soulfilled friday socialmedia

Soul Filled Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Let's jump right in with my favorite "stuff" for this week. Video: How To Be Consistent: 5 Steps To Get Things Done, All The Time by Marie Forleo Love Marie Forleo, her YouTube channel is amazing. This is one of her older videos but it was what I needed...
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