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A question on one of my exams asked Are you perfect?

I’m sharing my response because I think perfection is a lie that many of us have believed and our self-worth has suffered because of it. I hope my answer gives you a chance to believe a different truth and that truth is


My answer to the exam question:

I’m perfect because….

I’m no longer willing to sacrifice my self-worth to the pursuit of perfection. perfect_soulmixology

I used to worry that I was somehow less than other people but I never took the time to figure out why I believed that particular lie. Today, I know I’m no better but also no worse than anyone else.

I no longer measure my value upon the scales of other’s accomplishments, financial successes, beauty, strength, or material gains.

I don’t offer excuses for my behavior, choices, or past, nor do I assume responsibility for the behavior of others.

I’m happy to say and believe “I AM PERFECT” in the only way I can be perfect—by seeking knowledge to improve, expressing gratitude for my experiences, accepting responsibility for my actions, learning from my mistakes, embracing the joy of my successes, and allowing others the freedom to do the same.

I am a better version of myself today than I was yesterday, and that’s what makes me perfect.

Now, I ask you the same question my instructor asked me…Are you perfect?