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New Beginnings Intuitive ReadingsLife is full of surprises, disappointments, endings, and beginnings. I’ve had my fair share of each one and know how hard it can be to quiet the old voices of fear and doubt when faced with decisions about life and which path might be the best choice for change.

In the last year I’ve had to design my own new beginning—divorce often requires that. The divorce brought with it pain, anger, sadness, and many, many choices to be made. I found comfort and peace through daily meditation and discovered that when emotions ran high I became lost as to which choices would lead to my highest path. It was then that I would tap into the Divine Collective and pull cards.  I believe that tarot/oracle cards are a tool to help us shine light on our available possibilities and open us up to better follow our intuition.

I can now say that while things aren’t perfect, I am happy and excited about the path I am on. I’m also excited to offer you the same reading that helped me get through a very difficult time and one that I continue to use when I’m facing a crossroads or need to hit the reset button in my life.


A Soul Mixology New Beginning Reading offers intuitive insight into which direction your highest path may lie, what change may be required in order for you to begin again, and the direction you might need to go in order to make your soul dance with joy.

Each Soul Mixology reading is unique and is based on possible outcomes as indicated by the cards drawn. You can schedule your personalized reading by visiting the Soul Mixology Service page at

I look forward to sharing more about the recent changes in my life, upcoming adventures, new services, and continuous spiritual growth in this beautiful new beginning. You can receive updates and special promotions by subscribing to the Soul Mixology email list below.