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Sometimes it’s Quiet…soul mixology


Have you ever felt like your spiritual connection has zero bars?

This isn’t uncommon. The periods of times when meditations are unfocused, prayers seem empty, and all the spiritual progress we’ve made seems lost are known as spiritual deserts, wilderness experiences, dark nights, and/or dry spells.

Why does this happen? Why do we feel as if we’ve lost our mojo? More importantly, what do we do to get it back?

Keep Calling

Make sure you’re keeping the lines of communication open. More often than not when things get quiet it’s because we’ve let life and worries get in the way of our “spiritual” time. We need to let that shit go and realize that communication is a two-way street even when the connection sucks. 

Dial a Friend

Talk it out with a friend. Sometimes sharing our spiritual frustrations with a friend is all we need. Pick a friend, coach, counselor, etc. that will offer honest advice and possible solutions to help you get back to the spiritual groove you’re longing for.

Go to a High Receptivity Space

Are there certain things, places, or people that spiritually light you up? Are the usual not working for you? Sometimes the familiar is a comforting way to open things up again and sometimes a change is scenery is all that’s needed. Try both and then repeat as needed until you find out what works for you.

Commit to a Long Term Contract

Life is busy and it’s easy to let our spiritual development fall by the wayside. This is the exact reason we must commit to a long term contract, frequently assess the plan, and make changes as needed. Realize that we’re in it for the duration and if we’ve allowed things to get in the way of honoring our end of the contract then we have to do our part to fix it. We can get back to enjoying the full benefits of our plan by making daily time for charging our spiritual connection. We can read an inspirational book or blog, listen to a guided meditation, go for a quiet walk in nature, enjoy upbeat spirit boosting music, or do whatever boosts our spiritual power.

Know It Won’t Last Forever

Just like those bars on our cell phone our spiritual connection will go up and down and in and out. When the bars are low we must have faith—faith we’re on the right path, faith that things will work out, faith we’re not alone, and faith that our spiritual connection will be five bars strong once again.

The following quote from Gertrude Tooley Buckingham is a wonderful affirmation/prayer to use when we may not have the spiritual connection we desire.

Out of the darkness, out of the night,
May I find joy and all that is right:
Open my eyes, so I’ll see the light
That comes when we have spiritual sight.
~Gertrude Tooley Buckingham, “Infinite Spirit, Abide With Me” 

Sometimes it’s Quiet soul mixology

Do you have a favorite quote, activity, prayer, or meditation that helps you recharge your spiritual connection? Comment below or join the discussion on the Soul Mixology Facebook Page.