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Unrealized Dreams & Unmet Goals

Why weren’t my dreams coming true? Why wasn’t I able to stick to my goals?

These were the questions I asked myself each year, month, and day I found myself no closer to meeting the goals I’d set.

It wasn’t until I practiced mindful meditation and looked within that I discovered the answers.

During my “quiet times” I sat with the above questions floating through my head. During one of these times a wishing well appeared.

In my mind’s eye I walked to the well, peered over the walls, and found what appeared to be years of coins trapped within layers of muck. The water beneath the garbage wasn’t even visible. The coins I’d tossed in never had a chance of reaching the place where the “wishing magic” could happen.

I worked with this visualization.

Day after day I pulled up the image of my wishing well, walked to its walls, tied a rope around my waist, and lowered myself into its depths. I worked on clearing out layer after layer of decayed leaves, slime, and the unfortunate garbage I’d allowed others to toss inside.

Suspended in the darkness I wondered if all the work was worth the trouble.

Self doubt, shame, and guilt surfaced as coin after coin of unrealized dreams and unmet goals filled my pockets. The coins were no longer shiny, but I hoped I could wipe them off and use them again.

I was ready to Give Up

Months passed, and to be honest, the emotional junk the meditation brought up exhausted me. I was ready to give up, but instead I gave it one more try.

The Vision Changed

The next day I began the meditation prepared to deal with whatever emotional upheaval it delivered. But as I hung suspended in the middle of my dark well the vision changed. The muck and garbage disappeared and beneath the crystal clear water the bright lights of magic danced. The lights swirled and sparkled and lit up the once dark well.

The coins I’d rescued no longer represented the goals, dreams, and wishes of the person I’d become. These days, shiny new coins, free of fear, untarnished by the expectations of others, and aligned with my truth, are tossed into my well, free to find their way to the magical place where wishes and dreams come true.

Happy Magical Monday everyone!

Believe in your dreams, set goals that align with your truth, and never be afraid to clean out the muck. Magic and light are waiting.